Nuestra forma de pensar – Cinta de varios

nuestra forma de pensar

Recopilatorio con lo que a nuestro entender son algunas de las mas interesantes bandas y proyectos de los últimos dos años. Diferentes formas de hacer las cosas en lugares tan lejanos como México, Perú, Asturias, Arnedo, Barcelona o Cuba. Muchas canciones inéditas y algunas de ellas lo mejor de las bandas hasta la fecha. Destacar el visceralismo mortal de Lab Rats, el directo violento de Sentencia, La rabia de los piltrafas punk o el ensayo brutal de Atentado, sin desmerecer todo lo demás que es una pasada. ¡¡Vivan las bandas de ponk!!.
Esta cassette no se vende, se regala si compras la serigrafía «cuidado con el miedo».

Volcán / Miguel. Split tape

cinta miguel

Cinta casera grabada con 4 pistas, reproducción de sonido muy buena, se escucha muy alto y claro, no como las demos de muchas bandas hardcore de Usa que no se toman tan en serio las ediciones en cinta. Estos dos proyectos son de Tenerife, Volcán es hardcore radikal impulsivo, anarquista y enérgético. Miguel es punk lento, pegaduflo e introspectivo. Ambas bandas son la terapia contra el aislamiento, el aburrimieto y la apatía que pesa toneladas en Tenerife. Si esto no hubiera ocurrido alguien hubiera muerto.
No está a la venta, se regala si compras una serigrafía de «Cuidado con el miedo».

Cisma – Imágenes podridas

cinta cisma

Cisma fue una banda de punk y hardcore que estuvo activa en Tenerife hasta el pasado mes de mayo, esta es la única grabación editada hasta la fecha. 9 temas de básico pandemónium idealista.

Cisma was a band based in Tenerife (Canary Islands, northwest of  Africa) with members from Guerrilla Urbana,  Generazion Eskizofrenika, Destrucción, Otan. Firmeza 10… Here you have their frist attack, a pro-copy demo tape with 9 tracks of total hardcore punk, strong feelings and anarchist lyrics. In the vein of the old Iberian hardcore, in fact one of the members is playing this shit since 1983.
The recording has a good sound despite to the 4 track recording. You will find mid pace and faster songs but everything in the recording is frenetic, and seems that they won´t stop shouting for freedom and punk till this nauseting society stops killing systematically.
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System Defector – Demo 2011

cinta system defector

Short-lived, inept punk project from Brighton. High on hope, energy and idealism. Low on musicianship and production. These 5-songs are the raw sound of anarchy filtered through the budget instruments of 4-punk lovers with no time to waste. We think the band’s manifesto puts it better than we could ever attempt to:
“We feel that a lot of this new “raw noise punk”- as much as we like it – is often more style than substance, more in music than in deed/politics. This is for all those who keep punk the no-talent-required sound of protest & resistance worldwide. A DIY network of friends, not just another commodity or business model”.
La vida es un mus
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Irreparables – Demo 2011

cinta irreparables

With their four-track demo recorded in a friend’s flat, Brighton’s Irreparables disposed of the excess of some 35 years of punk rock and found perfection in its most rudimentary elements. The ghosts of Ramones, Dead Moon, Wipers, The Cure, and The Shaggs remain. In an increasingly contrived world, reaffirmation is found in their simple, direct nature. Innocence and longing («I Wanna Make a Fanzine», «Dear Mixtape», «Broken Sound») stand beside contempt and disgust («Bendito sea Dios», «Spit on the Pope», «Release the Hounds», «Digested System»). These 10 songs make up the totality of Irreparables’ recorded existence.
Members of Cisma, Destrucción, Firmeza 10, OTAN, Las Timidas, etc.
La vida es un mus
The mouse cartoon was done by Nagore.
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DHK – Odio tu kumbia moderna


cinta dhk

Banda de Perú tocando el hardcore más salvaje de los últimos años, repito: Lo más salvaje que puedes imaginar, repito: Esto es realmente salvaje.

“The folks at Alta Intensidaz Tapes can seemingly do no wrong. The MIERDA tape rules, SENTENCIA still gets regular spins at TEHQ, and this gem from 2009 is perfectly raw Spanish styled punk, surging forward with the subtlety of a tidal wave. The bass at the start of  ‘Jode Lo Maz Ke Puedaz’ personifies the ramshackle descriptor, this is lo-fi punk at it’s absolute best”.
Terminal Escape
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Sentencia – Vida o muerte

cinta sentencia

For whatever reason, the Spanish seem better than just about anyone else on the planet at making painfully amateur hardcore punk sound like the most intensely brilliant music on the planet. KANGRENA and MG-15 in the ’80s, with bands like DESTRUCCION and today’s visitors SENTENCIA carrying the fine tradition well into the new millennium. Über simplistic and rudimentary ramshackle hardcore built on the D-Beat model but delivered with a grade school charm and an urgency impossible to fake. The vocals are desperate and pained, while the guitar and bass struggle to keep up, even though they are playing the most simplistic three chord punk imaginable. Nine songs in ten minutes, but then you get to listen to them all over again, this is pure brilliance. Vida O Muerte was recorded in 2007 and is well worth your internet time, and your euros if you can track down a copy.
Terminal Escape.
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Mierda – Hardcore Poble Nou

mierda 2

Empieza Mierda Total, posiblemente la primera banda de Hardcore de la historia, sonido muy acelerado, crudo y sucio para la época.
Mierda Total cambia de nombre a Mierda. Chico se compra una curiosa guitarra amplificada que llevaba un altavoz y Tonyo monta una bateria con una silla y un tambor de «Colón». Inspirados por un Seat 600 que circulaba por Poble nou (barrio barcelonés), el cual llevaba un cartel enganchado que ponia MIERDA, nace el grupo con dicho nombre! Sin tener ni idea de tocar, empiezan a hacer hc-punk ruidoso influenciados por viejas bandas de por entonces como: Disorder, Antidogmatikss, Lärm, Wretched, Bgk, Pandemonium, Rattus, Chaos uk, IV reich, Sound of disaster, Mob 47, Siege…
Llegan a grabar unas 5 o 6 cintas caseras que nunca salieron de casa, grabadas a saco con un radiocassette. Una copia de una de ellas se la envian a Mike de los míticos 7 MINUTES OF NAUSEA, con el cual hacían intercambio de cintas. Como curiosidad, 7 MINUTES OF NAUSEA hizo 2 temas de MIERDA en su mitico flexi ep “thrash bora”!!! Ya en esa época estaban de lleno consumiendo noisecore y grind, gracias a los intercambios de cintas, grupos como: Agathocles, G-anx, Fear of god, Schismopathic, Sore throat, 7 m.o.n., Filthy christians, Stench of corpse, Mutilation and death… y claro: Napalm death.
En el 88 Tonyo hace un grupo de versiones thrash con un colega; Alberto cabañas, y le ponen el nombre de VIOLENT HEADACHE pero como Tonyo y Chico ya empezaban a hacer temas de puro grind-noise vieron más apropiado quedarse este nombre y al otro grupo le pusieron NOTHING IN CONCRETE. En Noviembre de 1988 nace oficialmente VIOLENT HEADACHE, dando sepultura a MIERDA.
MIERDA se vuelve a juntar y graban otra cutre-cinta, el experimento duró sólo unos días.
Este año se deciden a grabar de nuevo, como una muestra de lo que hacían, sin ningún tipo de cambio en los temas, tan solo, quizás, algo de experiencia a la hora de tocar. Y editan un cassette profesional en el sello arnedano «En las ramas pollos hay».
Se juntan de nuevo, esta vez en el local de ensayo de los Blokes (Barcelona), donde ensayan con Violent headacheY graban los 19 temas de este cassette, 14 años después!!! 

Mierda was formed in 1985, after Mierda Total, by Tonyo and Chico, two brothers born in Barcelona in a humble family emigrated from the south of Spain to work in the industrial city. They grew up in Poble Nou, a neighborhood plenty of factories. They played football in its streets, ate falafel and discovered punk and hardcore, since that moment nothing was the same. They just had been contaminated by the punk virus but they keep sicks, very sicks.
Along their lives they have played in Violent Headache, Angry Mob, Mobcharge, Mob 97, Becerrukers, Anti-Clinex, Obni, 45 Revolutions, Totalickers, Pandemedium, Scrap of Food,… and tons of other ones.
With them I’ve learned a lot. I started to write them in 1995 and they welcomed me when I moved to Barcelona in 1997. I passed my Nordic Beat exam with Chico as examinator, because he’s a D-Beat master and in that time we didn’t know the d-beat term. In BCN the Becerra brothers called it Nordic Beat because it was played often by bands from Sweden, Norge and Finland influenced by Discharge.
With them I’ve spent a lot of hours talking about compilation tapes, scappy bands, latinoamerican HC, demos… We were obssessed with the punk sound full of life and force, and with a way to play raw and strong.
Actually, Mierda haven’t stopped to play but in 25 years they have released only demos, homemade in the 80’s, one pro-copied tape in 1996 and… in September 2010they recorded their last one, «HARDCORE POBLE NOU». 19 songs of eternal fast, raw, dirty hardcore punk with a lot to say. The songs were recorded by themselves with a PA but sound is very good.
Someone told me that Mierda is a mixture between Nikoteens and Zyclome A… Listen to them! I love this cassette, in fact it is released by this zine. The lyrics are fomidable, pure protest cry, they shit on the Internet a lot of times because it is one of the reasons due to the punk is more alienated everyday, step by step punk is more a consumerist act than a protest movement. Lyrics attack capitalism, music privatization, violence, Israel State, VIP punks and the fashion, destruction of nature, the fight as a feeling that we have to practice often, and life far from the city as a response to madness.
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